Whole30 Meal Plan Week #4

Whole30 Week #4 Meal Plan

Today is Day 23 of my Whole30 meal plan challenge and I'm super surprised at just how "easy" this entire process has been. Easy I mean - when I plan and prepare.

I KNOW that I wouldn't have been successful had I not taken 30 minutes to plan meals and then 2-3 hours to cook and prepare. My husband has been the BEST at helping me do this and watching the kids. I'm so thankful because I'm pretty sure Whole30 meal prep/planning wouldn't be as time effective. We've really gotten it down to a science - we know what we want to cook, we know what recipes to prepare for, and what needs to go into the oven at what times. The only thing I wished that we had was a double oven.

NOTE to self - when I build my dream home - I will need a double oven!

whole30 meal prep

While I haven't lost much jaw-dropping" weight" I've gained so much knowledge about myself during this process! I'm hoping the weight comes eventually though but I started this to help me identify my triggers! I think I'm on the right track! I might just be one of those lucky gals that needs to do this multiple rounds to get the "full" effect!

This week I finished up Week 5 of Focus T25 Alpha and I am ready to tackle more challenging workouts for the next 5 weeks! I do find it easier to get through the 25 minutes than it was when I first started and was dragging my tush!

Food has so much more impact not just on our waistlines but also our emotions. It's not our fault that we have such an emotional connection with food - today's food sources make us crave bad food...seriously! If you haven't taken time to read the book "It Starts With Food" be sure you do that! If you want to really understand just how food affects us in so many ways - then this is a must read!

What Have I Noticed On Whole30?

I've really enjoyed putting together weird things that I would never have put together on a plate to eat. This picture below was shredded buffalo chicken meat, diced sweet potatoes, sunflower seeds and Tessamae's salad dressing! Below are some of the ones I have used but I like the Balsamic Dressing so far! All Tessamae products are Whole30 approved!

  • Grains truly make an impact on my digestive tract.
  • I'm no longer attached emotionally to food. (Stress, boredom, sad, happy) CRaZY!
  • Bloat hasn't been near as bad
  • Energy has been more consistent and not up and down all day long.
  • I don't miss alcohol as much as I thought I would
  • I can take back control!!! I'm in CONTROL!! I was around cake 2 separate times over the weekend and never once did I salivate and think to myself I could never pass that up! It's not even really about willpower - its more that I just didn't "crave" it!

Whole30 Meal Plan Week #4

This week I noticed that ONE day I had really a great day for energy - it was day 17 I believe and I was thought hey - there is that Tiger's blood! Then, I started coming down with a cold and a sore throat so I'm not sure if I am feeling any different or not in terms of an energy boost that they claim happens around the 3rd week. I am excited to see what the final week has in store for me.

I used some of the same recipes as last week because they were so good! My favorite was the Sweet potato Shepard's Pie (listed in the meal plan). The new recipes we decided to use this week are the Chicken Pot Pie soup and a Beef Encilada Bake which smelled DELICIOUS as it cooked! Who knew you could use shredded cauliflower for so many awesome recipes!

whole30 meal plan

Click on Image below to watch my Whole30 Overview Video! What you can expect!

whole30 meal plan

Whole30 Overview - What You Can and Can't Have!

Here are some of the images of my food choices this week!

Butternut Squash & Beef Stew

Breakfast Pumpkin Custard

Sweet Potato Shepard's Pie

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