Old Habits Die Hard

healthy taco salad

I remember back when I first started dating my husband – I was totally involved in the harvest process. I’d ride in the combine – healthy taco saladdrive a tractor, bring harvest meals, and do whatever I could to help out and make things easier on the crew.

Since kids came along – that hasn’t been the case really for a few years and this year – I decided that I’d try to help as much as I could.healthy taco salad

After picking up my daughter from preschool – I decided that I get my “poop in a group” and we’d run them out stuff for sandwiches from the store.

Yea, I don’t really “cook” harvest meals. LOL! I pick them up or I get them easy things.

Most of the time I’d just order myself a cheeseburger and fries and/or eat a ham sandwich and chips and a diet pepsi along with them.

These decisions of course left me 20lbs overweight and feeling tired all the time not to mention totally bloated! I was always wondering why I couldn’t shake the weight? 🤔🤔😂

Today I decided that I wouldn’t fall back into my old habits again – and just “eating with the guys” I’d have my superfood shake – and then come back home and eat what I had planned for the week. I’ve come too far…..

My old self would have thought that eating healthy was a ham sandwich, bag of baked chips, and a “diet pepsi.”healthy taco salad

Oh and a “light beer” (which I of course have those here and there too” It’s called BALANCE.
What is MOST confusing to you when it comes to diet? Nutrition? 👇🏻👇🏻

Anyway, today with the help of my FIT CLUB tribe ladies – I decided that I’d eat this “spinach taco salad” because they inspire me to eat more greens (which I am SO not fond of spinach) unless it’s in my superfood shake where you can’t taste it! 😂😂

If you are starting to make changes in your lifestyle but really are STUCK and need support and guidance –

Could I ask you a favor? Would you reach out to me and let me see if I could help you out?

If you can relate to the feeling of wanting changes – but aren’t really sure of how to go about it.

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