When Did You Know When To Stop Having Kids?

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How many kids do you have? I posted yesterday on my Facebook page about how I have been getting those feelings like I want 1 more kid. I asked Mom’s when did they “know” they were done with having more children. The differences were just incredible but a lot of Mom’s on my page had 3+ kids! 

So this morning after I read all of the comments – my kids were acting like little angels.  😂😂

We had a chat about Mom needing to get some work done this morning and I asked them to play nicely – and guess what!!! LOOK at THAT!

It might only last 30 minutes but that is more than enough time to get 1/2 of my to-do list done this morning.

It’s really weird how young I was when I first realized that I hated a schedule and never wanted to be bogged down by other people telling me what to do everyday. I didn’t want someone else telling me how I was going to spend my time awake. I could have possibly gotten that trait from my Grandpa who has always been his own business owner/boss.

When I was a young kid – I would travel overseas to spend a month out of the Summer with my grandparents. I’d get to watch him work hard and build his dreams…..It’s crazy to me still that my parents would just drop me off at the airport and send me on my way. I’d travel ALONE!

Did you ever travel anywhere alone as a child? 
Would you send your kids on a plane relying ONLY on the flight attendants?

Weird how different the world is today, huh?

Anyway, I may not have the HUGE burning desire to travel the world (at least not right now) but this is what freedom looks like to me now –

Kids playing in the background – being present in their lives – and not having to ask for permission from ANYONE to go ride bikes or take a golf cart ride around our neighborhood (yes, I said golf cart )

Freedom looks different for everyone – and it certainly looks different than what I had intended when I was “growing up.”

It’s funny how life works – isn’t it?

You may never have considered starting your own business or ever believed that you could be successful…but I’m telling you that ANYONE can do it. Today there are so many avenues – but if you have ever thought about being your own boss – possibly in the fitness/nutrition/lifestyle business – I’d love to share more with you!

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Can’t wait to explore the possibilities with you!





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