How Coaching Has Changed My Support System

Holy CRAP that was amazing – focused – and REAL FUN!

Stay at Home Moms – can I ask you a question? When was the last time you had a REAL conversation with someone other than your kids or husband?

Like a REAL “educated” and “inspiring”, “motivating” discussion? One where you could use those big words that you learned before coming home to raise these kiddos? 😆

Before I started coaching – honestly, I felt like I was in solitude. Going hours each day w/out talking to ANYONE that didn’t need their butt wiped. 😂😂 I probably bothered the SHIZZLE out of my husband because I’d dial him all day long just to have someone actually speak back to me with actual WORDS for crying out loud.

It got really lonely. Even more so when he was out harvesting until 10-11pm at night. I really felt alone to be honest. It was horrible – I’d start to talk to myself and the walls! LOL

Keep in mind this was was before social media and Facebook really took off – we didn’t have Zoom, chat features, and Facetime. 🤣

Tonight – like I do every other week – I get to lead a team call, I get to use my brain to get prepared so that I can educate them on business building – I have something to look forward to – and I get to see my FRIENDS – not to mention CONVERSATIONS and laughter.

I may have had to HUSTLE my kids to bed but it was worth it! This time is precious to me!

The friendships that I have now with these ladies – my FIT FAMILY- are unbelievably helpful. Even if we never get to see each other more than 1-2 times a year in person – they are my ROCK and they keep me sane!

If you have ever felt like I have – have you ever considered that maybe you just need to step outside of your comfort zone and join a community like this? Either as a coach or as part of my VIRTUAL Fit Club?

I’ve surrounded myself with this amazing community of women that I’d like to introduce you to –

If this interests you – please SEND ME A MESSAGE or give me a 🤜🤜below and I’ll message you! Whatever is most comfortable for you!

You don’t have to talk to the walls😍😍…I know lots of other Mom’s who felt the same way prior to joining me who have gained amazing friendships because of it! Let me show you!

Fill out this form and I’ll be in touch soon!

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