Busy Mom Gets It Done

So I can’t begin the express the excitement that I feel when I get messages like this!! This girl went for it the very first day she made the DECISION to work with me for 30 days. She went with a program called 22 Minute Hard Corp by Tony Horton and it literally changed her life. Paired with Shakeology she finally has her old self back but even better with all of the new found confidence she has found! 

Let me tell you about Jen’s story – 

Jen is a a mother, wife, and business owner struggling to find peace within for a very long time. Uncomfortable in her own skin, miserable with how far she had let herself go, and searching for someone to help her find her way through this incredibly difficult wellness industry with so many “quick fixes” and such out there. She found me through social media -Facebook actually and we connected right way. We talked about her struggles with time, her job, being a Mom and all of her roles and we finally came to a conclusion of where she needed to start. 

We started with meal planning, planning workouts INTO her day, making small modifications and checking into our ONLINE mobile app and accountability group. It started working for her right away! She felt accountable and inspired by the others in the group and the rest is history! 

screenshot-2016-09-19-15-28-51She never had excuses – she never told me she couldn’t do it – and she had some big goals to achieve when we first got started.

She is like the perfect challenger – cause she did what I asked – she followed the system I provided her – and NOW look at her results!

You can’t get any better than that…you really can’t!

Congrats to you Jen! 

Want to get these type of results? Join me Sept 26th – for 30 days. Let me help you get where you want to go.

Learn more: http://www.reneeschnuerle.com/30-day-fitness-challenges/

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